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Papers: 29 Oct 2022 - 4 Nov 2022

2022 Oct 31


Identification of potential differentially methylated gene-related biomarkers in endometriosis.


Li J, He Y, Liang T, Wang J, Jiang X, Zhang G
Epigenomics. 2022 Oct 31.
PMID: 36314280.


: To identify epigenetic alterations of differentially expressed genes and screen out targeted therapeutic drugs in endometriosis. : Based on the Gene Expression Omnibus database and a series of biological information analysis tools, supplemented by validation of clinical samples, aberrant DNA methylation-driven genes and their functions were explored, as well as possible targeted drugs. : This study screened out a range of DNA methylation-driven genes that were associated with powerful properties and corresponding pathways. Among them, and were key genes in the development of endometriosis. Four chemical agents have been flagged as potential treatments for endometriosis. : These candidate genes and small-molecule agents may be further explored as potential targets and drugs for endometriosis diagnosis and therapy, respectively.