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Papers: 22 Oct 2022 - 28 Oct 2022


Human Studies

2022 Oct 22

J Pain

Definitions of Chronic Low Back Pain from a Scoping Review, and Analyses of Narratives and Self-Reported Health of Adults with Low Back Pain.


Herman PM, Qureshi N, Arick SD, Edelen MO, Hays RD, Rodriguez A, Weir RL, Coulter ID
J Pain. 2022 Oct 22.
PMID: 36283654.


Among those with low back pain (LBP), individuals with chronic LBP (CLBP) face different treatment recommendations and incur the majority of suffering and costs. However, the way CLBP has been defined varies greatly. This study used a scoping review and qualitative and quantitative analyses of data from LBP patients to explore this variation. CLBP in most recent randomized controlled trials (RCTs) was defined by duration of pain, most commonly ≥3 months. However, individuals with LBP most often define CLBP by frequency. CLBP has also been defined using a combination of duration and frequency (16% of RCTs and 20% of individuals), including 6% of recent RCTs that followed the NIH Pain Consortium research task force (RTF) definition. Although not a defining characteristic of CLBP for individuals, almost 15% of recent RCTs required CLBP to have a healthcare provider diagnosis. In our LBP sample moving from ≥3 months to the RTF definition reduced the CLBP group size by 25% and resulted in a group that used more pain management options and reported worse health across all outcome measures. A pain duration definition offers ease of application. However, refinements to this definition (e.g., RTF) can identify those who may be better intervention targets. Perspective [max 50 words; now 50]: This article presents the definitions used for chronic low back pain by researchers and individuals, and the impact of these definitions on pain management and health outcomes. This information may help researchers choose better study inclusion criteria and clinicians to better understand their patients' beliefs about chronic low back pain.