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Papers: 15 Oct 2022 - 21 Oct 2022


2022 Oct 26

Proc Biol Sci



Footedness for scratching itchy eyes in rodents.


Katayama Y, Miura A, Sakamoto T, Takanami K, Sakamoto H
Proc Biol Sci. 2022 Oct 26; 289(1985):20221126.
PMID: 36259204.


The neural bases of itchy eye transmission remain unclear compared with those involved in body itch. Here, we show in rodents that the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR) of the trigeminal sensory system is involved in the transmission of itchy eyes. Interestingly, we further demonstrate a difference in scratching behaviour between the left and right hindfeet in rodents; histamine instillation into the conjunctival sac of both eyes revealed right-foot biased laterality in the scratching movements. Unilateral histamine instillation specifically induced neural activation in the ipsilateral sensory pathway, with no significant difference between the activations following left- and right-eye instillations. Thus, the behavioural laterality is presumably due to right-foot preference in rodents. Genetically modified rats with specific depletion of expressing neurons in the trigeminal sensory nucleus caudalis of the medulla oblongata exhibited fewer and shorter histamine-induced scratching movements than controls and eliminated the footedness. These results taken together indicate that the -expressing neurons are required for the transmission of itch sensation from the eyes, but that foot preference is generated centrally. These findings could open up a new field of research on the mechanisms of the laterality in vertebrates and also offer new potential therapeutic approaches to refractory pruritic eye disorders.