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2022 Jan-Mar

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Target-Controlled Inhalational Anesthesia-Isoflurane Consumption with Adequacy of Anesthesia Monitoring in Conventional and Multimodal Analgesia – A Comparative Study.


In a time of increased concern over the environmental impact of chlorofluorocarbons, there is an impetus to minimize inhalational anesthetic consumption. It is possible with multimodal analgesia (MMA) and the use of end-tidal controlled anesthesia (EtCA) which is a low-flow anesthesia technique with adequacy of anesthesia (AoA) monitoring. In MMA, all four elements of pain processing namely transduction, transmission, modulation, and perception are targeted with drugs having a different mechanism of action. In EtCA, anesthetic gases are automatically adjusted for the set minimal alveolar concentration by newer anesthesia work station (GE Healthcare Aisys CS2). AoA is a derived parameter of entropy and surgical pleth index which measures the depth of anesthesia and analgesia, respectively.