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Papers: 8 Oct 2022 - 14 Oct 2022

Human Studies

2022 Oct 13

Health Psychol

Concurrent and longitudinal associations among insomnia symptoms, internalizing problems, and chronic pain in youth.


Lynch Milder MK, McQuillan ME, Honaker SM, Miller MM, Tolley J, Michel MA, Hirsh AT, Williams AE
Health Psychol. 2022 Oct 13.
PMID: 36227312.


Although insomnia symptoms and chronic pain are associated, less is known about the temporal nature of the associations between these variables or the impact of internalizing symptoms on the associations. Concurrent and longitudinal associations were examined among insomnia symptoms, internalizing symptoms, and pain in youth with chronic pain in this retrospective analysis of clinical records. We hypothesized the following: (a) pain, insomnia symptoms, and internalizing symptoms would be significantly interrelated at all waves, (b) insomnia symptoms would more strongly predict future pain than the reverse, and (c) internalizing symptoms would mediate the longitudinal association between insomnia symptoms and pain.