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Papers: 1 Oct 2022 - 7 Oct 2022

Pharmacology/Drug Development

2022 Oct 03

Pharmacol Ther

ThermoTRP channels in pain sexual dimorphism: new insights for drug intervention.


Cabañero D, Villalba-Riquelme E, Fernández-Ballester G, Fernández-Carvajal A, Ferrer-Montiel A
Pharmacol Ther. 2022 Oct 03:108297.
PMID: 36202261.


Chronic pain is a major burden for the society and remains more prevalent and severe in females. The presence of chronic pain is linked to persistent alterations in the peripheral and the central nervous system. One of the main types of peripheral pain transducers are the transient receptor potential channels (TRP), also known as thermoTRP channels, which intervene in the perception of hot and cold external stimuli. These channels, and especially TRPV1, TRPA1 and TRPM8, have been subjected to profound investigation because of their role as thermosensors and also because of their implication in acute and chronic pain. Surprisingly, their sensitivity to endogenous signaling has been far less studied. Cumulative evidence suggests that the function of these channels may be differently modulated in males and females, in part through sexual hormones, and this could constitute a significant contributor to the sex differences in chronic pain. Here, we review the exciting advances in thermoTRP pharmacology for males and females in two paradigmatic types of chronic pain with a strong peripheral component: chronic migraine and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). The possibilities of peripheral druggability offered by these channels and the differential exploitation for men and women represent a development opportunity that will lead to a significant increment of the armamentarium of analgesic medicines for personalized chronic pain treatment.