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Papers: 1 Oct 2022 - 7 Oct 2022


Methods Mol Biol


Acute and Chronic Pain Preclinical Models to Study the Analgesic Properties of Melatonergic Compounds.



Melatonin (MLT) has been implicated in several pathophysiological states, including pain. MLT mostly activates two G protein-coupled receptors, MT and MT. MLT displays analgesic properties in several animal paradigms of acute, inflammatory, and neuropathic pain. Although the analgesic mechanism of action of MLT is not yet completely elucidated, there is strong preclinical evidence suggesting the pharmacological potential of melatonergic compounds for treating pain. Importantly, MLT and melatonergic compounds seem to have a favorable toxicological profile than currently approved analgesic drugs. These compounds may thus deserve to be further developed as novel analgesic drugs, but this process relies on the use of appropriate and standardized experimental procedures. Therefore, in this chapter, we present the methodology to study the analgesic properties of MLT and melatonergic drugs in a preclinical model of chronic and acute pain. In addition to technical details of the surgical technique, details of anesthesia and perioperative care are also included.