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2022 Sep 29

BMC Neurol



Secondary autoimmune hypothalamitis with severe memory impairment 7 years after the onset of diabetes insipidus due to lymphocytic hypophysitis: a case report.


Asada T, Takenoshita S, Senda M, Yamamoto K, Sasaki R, Otsuka F, Terada S, Yamada N
BMC Neurol. 2022 Sep 29; 22(1):371.
PMID: 36175850.


Autoimmune hypothalamitis is a very rare neuroendocrine disorder that causes central diabetes insipidus, headache, visual impairment, and sometimes cognitive impairment. Autoimmune hypothalamitis may occur in association with autoimmune hypophysitis, including lymphocytic hypophysitis, or in isolation. It is not known whether autoimmune hypothalamitis and autoimmune hypophysitis are consecutive diseases.