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2022 Aug




Intrafasciomembranal Fluid Pressure: A Novel Approach to the Etiology of Myalgias.


Fascia is a continuous membrane (fasciomembrane) that enables differentiation of fluid pressure on either side. Fascia membrane also enables an internal increased fluid pressure at all muscle levels (fibers, fiber bundles, skeletal muscles, compartments), and the author introduces a new unifying term for these pressures, regardless of the anatomical level – the intrafasciomembranal fluid pressure (IFMFP). Swelling, pain, and loss of tissue function are identified as common cardinal symptoms in trigger point (TrP), chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS), overtraining syndrome (OTS), and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Existing literature and an overall assessment indicate that intramuscular conditions related to fluid flow and pressure play a central role in different conditions, providing a common biomechanical explanation of the etiology and influence, supporting the article's theory that an increased IFMFP plays a key role in these conditions.