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2022 Sep 22


Pterostilbene improves CFA-induced arthritis and peripheral neuropathy through modulation of oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines and neurotransmitters in Wistar rats.


Amin A, Akhtar M F, Saleem A, Sharif A, Shah S, Khan M I, Anwar F, Abbas G, Zubair H M, Sohail M F
Inflammopharmacology. 2022 Sep 22.
PMID: 36138303.


Pterostilbene is a stilbene flavonoid that occurs naturally in various plants as well as produced by genetic engineering. It exhibits anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidant and neuroprotective activities. This research was aimed to determine the potential of pterostilbene against arthritis and peripheral neuropathy in Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA) induced arthritis. Rat hind paw was injected with 0.1 ml CFA to induce arthritis. Standard control animals received oral methotrexate (3 mg/kg/week). Pterostilbene at 12.5, 25 and 50 mg/kg was given orally to different groups of arthritic rats from day 7-28 for 21 days. Pterostilbene significantly reduced paw diameter and retarded the decrease in body weight of arthritic rats. It profoundly (p < 0.05-0.0001) reduced lipid peroxidation and nitrites, while increased superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the liver tissue. Pterostilbene treatment significantly (p < 0.0001) reduced TNF-α and IL-6 levels. Pterostilbene markedly improved (p < 0.05-0.001) motor activity and showed analgesic effect in arthritic rats at 25 and 50 mg/kg as compared to disease control rats. Furthermore, it notably (p < 0.05-0.0001) increased SOD activity, nitrites, noradrenaline and serotonin levels in the sciatic nerve of arthritic rats. Treatment with pterostilbene also ameliorated the CFA-induced pannus formation, cartilage damage and synovial hyperplasia in the arthritic rat paws. It is determined from the current study that pterostilbene was effective in reducing CFA-induced arthritis in rats through amelioration of oxidative stress and inflammatory mediators. It was also effective to treat peripheral neuropathy through modulation of oxidative stress and neurotransmitters in sciatic nerves.