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2022 Aug 23

Diagnostics (Basel)



Chronic Headache Attributed to Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency.


Ha S W, Kim Y S, Yoon E J, Kang H G
Diagnostics (Basel). 2022 Aug 23; 12(9).
PMID: 36140440.


Vertebrobasilar insufficiency, a condition characterized by poor blood flow to the posterior portion of the brain, can cause headaches. However, the exact underlying mechanism is not yet fully understood. The patient enrolled in our study reported experiencing intermittent headaches radiating from the left shoulder, similar to chronic tension-type headaches. His aggravated headache and severe left vertebral artery stenosis were detected by brain computed tomography angiography. Stent insertion successfully expanded the patient's narrowed left vertebral artery orifice. Subsequently, the patient's headaches improved without recurrence during the one-year follow-up period. In summary, chronic headaches attributed to vertebrobasilar insufficiency in this study, improved after stent insertion to reverse severe left vertebral artery stenosis.