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2022 Sep 14

J Ethnopharmacol

Analysis of the pharmacodynamic difference between Xiaojin Pills taken with Chinese Baijiu and water based on serum pharmacochemistry and pharmacokinetics.


Xiaojin Pills (XJPs), which has the function of dissipating knots and dispersing swelling, removing blood stasis, and relieving pain, is a classic prescription for the treatment of mammary glands hyperplasia. It is also the first choice of Chinese patent medicine for the clinical treatment of mammary glands hyperplasia in contemporary traditional Chinese medicine clinics. Previous studies have shown that the efficacy of XJPs "taken orally after soaked with Chinese Baijiu" in tradition was significantly better than that of taking it orally with water in modern in terms of activating the blood, anti-inflammation, analgesia, anti-mammary gland hyperplasia, anti-breast cancer and its metastasis in vitro and in vivo, especially under low-dose conditions. However, the material basis for the difference in efficacy between XJP&B and XJP&W is still unclear.