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2022 Aug 24

Int J Mol Sci



Intrarectal Capsazepine Administration Modulates Colonic Mucosal Health in Mice.


Kumar V, Kumar V, Devi K, Kumar A, Khan R, Singh R P, Rajarammohan S, Kondepudi K K, Chopra K, Bishnoi M
Int J Mol Sci. 2022 Aug 24; 23(17).
PMID: 36076974.


Antagonism of transient receptor potential vanniloid-1 (TRPV1) and desensitization of transient receptor potential ankyrin-1 (TRPA1) nociceptors alleviate inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)-associated chronic pain. However, there is limited literature available about their role in regulating the mucosal layer, its interaction with host physiology, and luminal microbial community. The present study focuses on the effects' intra rectal administration of capsazepine (modulator of TRPA1/TRPV1 expressing peptidergic sensory neurons) on colonic mucus production and gut health. We performed histological analysis, gut permeability alteration, gene expression changes, metabolite profiling, and gut microbial abundance in the ileum, colon, and cecum content of these animals. Intra rectal administration of capsazepine modulates TRPA1/TRPV1-positive nociceptors (behavioral pain assays) and resulted in damaged mucosal lining, increased gut permeability, and altered transcriptional profile of genes for goblet cell markers, mucus regulation, immune response, and tight junction proteins. The damage to mucosal lining prevented its role in enterosyne (short chain fatty acids) actions. These results suggest that caution must be exercised before employing TRPA1/TRPV1 modulation as a therapeutic option to alleviate pain caused due to IBD.