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2022 Sep 05




A drug free solution for improving the quality of life of fibromyalgia patients (Fibrepik): study protocol of a multicenter, randomized, controlled effectiveness trial.


Chipon E, Bosson J-L, Minier L, Dumolard A, Vilotitch A, Crouzier D, Maindet C
Trials. 2022 Sep 05; 23(1):740.
PMID: 36064731.


Fibromyalgia is a form of chronic widespread pain that is defined as a syndrome of chronic symptoms of moderate to severe intensity, including diffuse pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, and numerous somatic complaints. To date, there is no specific drug treatment for fibromyalgia but only symptomatic treatments. A drug free solution based on a wristband that emits millimeter waves associated with a therapeutic coaching program was developed. The application of millimeter waves on an innervated area has been described to have a neuromodulating effect, due to endorphin release stimulation and parasympathetic activation. Coaching is carried out to improve the patient's adherence and to increase compliance and effectiveness of the treatment. Regular use of this solution by fibromyalgia patients is expected to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and pain levels, and, at the end, increase the quality of life.