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2022 Jul




A Case of Collet-Sicard Syndrome Caused by Otitis Externa.


Bonda S, Tun KM, Asad S
Cureus. 2022 Jul; 14(7):e27218.
PMID: 36035057.


Collet-Sicard syndrome is a unilateral palsy of the lower cranial nerves IX, X, XI, and XII, resulting from lesions at the skull base that affect the jugular foramen and hypoglossal canal. Common causes of the lesions include basilar skull fractures, carotid artery dissections, and malignancy. Infectious and inflammatory etiologies have also been reported. A 63-year-old male with a history of uncontrolled diabetes was admitted for dysphagia, right ear pain, drainage, and right-sided facial droop after recent local trauma and surgical instrumentation of the right ear. Culture of the external auditory canal grew . Triple phase bone scan demonstrated osteomyelitis at the skull base due to complications from otitis externa. The patient's presentation was consistent with Collet-Sicard syndrome, and he was subsequently treated with a six-week course of ciprofloxacin. This patient demonstrates a unique case since his malignant otitis externa spread locally and led to skull base osteomyelitis and subsequently developed Collet-Sicard syndrome. His uncontrolled diabetes likely played a role in his disease progression.