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Papers of the Week

2022 Aug 11

Autoimmun Rev

Psoriasis: Interplay between dysbiosis and host immune system.


Kapoor B, Gulati M, Rani P, Gupta R
Autoimmun Rev. 2022 Aug 11:103169.
PMID: 35964945.


With advancement in human microbiome research, an increasing number of scientific evidences have endorsed the key role of both gut and skin microbiota in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Microbiome dysbiosis, characterized by altered diversity and composition, as well as rise of pathobionts, have been identified as possible triggers for recurrent episodes of psoriasis. Mechanistically, gut dysbiosis leads to "leaky gut syndrome" via disruption of epithelial bilayer, thereby, resulting in translocation of bacteria and other endotoxins to systemic circulation, which in turn, results in inflammatory response. Similarly, skin dysbiosis disrupts the cutaneous homeostasis, leading to invasion of bacteria and other pathogens to deeper layers of skin or even systemic circulation further enhanced by injury caused by pruritus-induced scratching, and elicit innate and adaptive inflammation. The present review explores the correlation of both skin and gut microbiota dysbiosis with psoriasis. Also, the studies highlighting the potential of bacteriotherapeutic approaches including probiotics, prebiotics, metabiotics, and fecal microbiota transplantation for the management of psoriasis have been discussed.