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2022 Jul




Implementation of Bilateral Rectus Sheath Blocks in Conjunction With Transversus Thoracis Plane and Pectointercostal Fascial Blocks for Immediate Postoperative Analgesia After Cardiac Surgery.


Pain continues to be a well-known complication of cardiac surgery in the postoperative period and intravenous opioid analgesia has traditionally been employed to manage cardiac surgical pain. However, both components have contributed to a multitude of undesirable adverse effects which can further exacerbate delays in recovery. Often overlooked in the analgesic plan, chest tube pain contributes significantly to the overall postoperative pain from cardiac surgery. Novel regional anesthetic blocks have shown great promise as analgesic adjuncts for cardiothoracic anesthesia but preliminary investigations focus primarily on management of sternotomy pain. Reduction of chest tube pain should be considered while implementing regional blocks to control surgical pain. This study presents a case where the rectus sheath block minimized chest tube pain after aortic valve replacement in conjunction with intercostal nerve blocks and a multimodal analgesic plan.