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2022 May 25


[Does NoL monitoring affect opioid consumption during da Vinci prostatectomy?]


Niebhagen F, Golde C, Koch T, Hübler M
Anaesthesiologie. 2022 May 25.
PMID: 35925157.


Administration of opioids to suppress pain plays a major role in modern anesthesia. Measuring depth of hypnosis and neuromuscular recovery are already well established, and devices for pain monitoring are available. Nonetheless pain monitoring is rare in clinical practice. Recently, the pain monitoring device PMD200 (Medasense Biometrics™ , Israel) was introduced. It non-invasively measures heart rate, heart rate variability, skin resistance, resistance variability, temperature and movement to calculate a nociception level (NoL) index. The NoL index range starts at zero, which is equivalent to being painless, and goes up to a value of 100. The validity and reliability of NoL monitoring is the content of current studies.