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2022 Jun 09

Dermatologie (Heidelb)

[Local therapeutic procedure for blisters of the skin: a position paper of the Initiative Chronic Wounds (ICW)].


Dissemond J, Bültemann A, Gerber V, Motzkus M, Münter C, Erfurt-Berge C
Dermatologie (Heidelb). 2022 Jun 09.
PMID: 35925210.


Blisters of the skin can be caused by very different diseases. Therefore, it is an interdisciplinary and interprofessionally relevant challenge. In the clinical routine different local therapeutic procedures are currently practiced. Either the blister is left in place or the blister is punctured and the blister roof is left in place; alternatively, the complete blister roof is ablated. Each of these approaches has potential advantages and disadvantages. A review of the current literature and consensus by the experts of the Initiative Chronische Wunde (ICW) e.V. was performed. The following approaches are recommended: uncomplicated blisters without pressure pain: leave blisters in place; pressure painful and palmar and plantar localized blisters: puncture blister and leave roof; ruptured blisters without clinical signs of infection: leave remnants of bladder roof; ruptured bladders with clinical signs of infection: remove remnants of the blister roof; blisters in burns of grade 2a or higher or in cases of unclear burn depth or chemical burn: remove blister roof. This is followed in each case by the application of a sterile wound dressing. There is no single correct local therapeutic procedure for blisters on the skin. When planning a therapeutic concept, the genesis of the blisters should be clarified and, if necessary, causal treatment should be given. Local therapy is then based on various individual factors. Thus, the approach chosen together with the patient can vary between individuals.