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Papers: 30 Jul 2022 - 5 Aug 2022

2022 Jul 28

Mol Neurobiol

SCFAs Ameliorate Chronic Postsurgical Pain-Related Cognition Dysfunction via the ACSS2-HDAC2 Axis in Rats.


Li Z, Sun T, He Z, Li Z, Zhang W, Wang J, Xiang H
Mol Neurobiol. 2022 Jul 28.
PMID: 35902549.


Patients with chronic postsurgical pain (CPSP) frequently exhibit comorbid cognitive deficits. Recent observations have emphasized the critical effects of gut microbial metabolites, like short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), in regulating cognitive function. However, the underlying mechanisms and effective interventions remain unclear. According to hierarchical clustering and 16S rRNA analysis, over two-thirds of the CPSP rats had cognitive impairment, and the CPSP rats with cognitive impairment had an aberrant composition of gut SCFA-producing bacteria. Then, using feces microbiota transplantation, researchers identified a causal relationship between cognitive-behavioral and microbic changes. Similarly, the number of genera that generated SCFAs was decreased in the feces from recipients of cognitive impairment microbiota. Moreover, treatment with the SCFAs alleviated the cognitive-behavioral deficits in the cognitively compromised pain rats. Finally, we observed that SCFA supplementation improved histone acetylation and abnormal synaptic transmission in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), hippocampal CA1, and central amygdala (CeA) area via the ACSS2 (acetyl-CoA synthetase2)-HDAC2 (histone deacetylase 2) axis. These findings link pain-related cognition dysfunction, gut microbiota, and short-chain fatty acids, shedding fresh insight into the pathogenesis and therapy of pain-associated cognition dysfunction.