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Biological Functions of Roxb. Against Pain, Inflammation, Fever, Diarrhea, and Thrombosis: Evidenced From , and Molecular Docking Study.


Sultana N, Chung H-J, Emon N U, Alam S, Taki M T I, Rudra S, Tahamina A, Alam R, Ahmed F, Al Mamun A
Front Nutr. 2022; 9:911274.
PMID: 35903446.


Roxb. is traditionally used to treat cancer, wound healing, diabetes, and diarrhea in local tribes. This study was designed to evaluate the pharmacological potentiality of this plant. analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic studies of the methanol extracts of (MEDP) leaves were performed by using acetic acid-induced nociception, formalin-induced paw licking, and yeast-induced pyrexia assay methods, respectively. antidiarrheal activity was carried out in mice by following castor oil-induced diarrhea and gastrointestinal transit manner. thrombolytic experiment was performed employing the clot lysis activity. Besides, a molecular docking study was performed by executing the software (PyRx, Discovery Studio, and UCSF Chimera). In the acetic acid-induced writhing study, MEDP possesses significant writhing inhibition in a dose-dependent manner. It showed 50.86% of maximum inhibition of pain in the case of MEDP at a dose of 400 mg/kg body weight. In the anti-inflammatory study, maximum inhibition rate was observed at a value of 59.98 and 41.29% in early and late phases, respectively, at the dose of 400 mg/kg body weight. In the case of yeast-induced hyperpyrexia, MEDP reduced hyperpyrexia in a dose-dependent manner. In the antidiarrheal assay, MEDP moderately inhibited the occurrence of diarrhea in all the experiments. In the thrombolytic study, a moderate (17.76%) clot lysis potency has been yielded by MEDP. Again, the molecular docking simulation revealed strong binding affinities with almost all the targeted proteins. The present study suggests that the MEDP possesses remarkable pharmacological activity and this finding validated the ethnobotanical significance of as the source of pain, fever, and diarrhea management agent.