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Papers: 9 Jul 2022 - 15 Jul 2022

2022 Jul 14

Pain Ther

Neuromodulation in Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Narrative Review.


Xiang H, Zhang T, Al-Danakh A, Yang D, Wang L
Pain Ther. 2022 Jul 14.
PMID: 35834103.


Chronic primary pelvic pain syndrome (CPPPS) is a heterogeneous disease with unknown pathogenesis and a lack of distinct pathological features, which complicates diagnosis and therapy and has a significant impact on patients' daily life. Because pharmacological management is ineffective and long-term use may result in additional system damage, developing a more effective treatment is critical. Neuromodulation has advanced rapidly over the last few decades, and various types of neuromodulations have demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of CPPPS. In this article we discuss the evolution of neuromodulation technology in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain, its application to various subtypes of chronic pelvic pain, and the comparison of relevant efficacy and parameter differences, as well as assess the relative advantages and disadvantages of sacral neuromodulation, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation , transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electroacupuncture, and pudendal neuromodulation. Furthermore, it was noted that chronic pelvic pain should be evaluated in terms of pain, associated symptoms, psychological problems, and quality of life. Although neuromodulation approaches have been shown to be effective in treating chronic pelvic pain, more extensive multicenter trials are required to confirm this.