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Papers: 2 Jul 2022 - 8 Jul 2022

Pharmacology/Drug Development

2022 Jul 02

J Mol Neurosci

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of KLS-13019: a Novel GPR55 Antagonist for Dorsal Root Ganglion and Hippocampal Cultures.


Brenneman DE, Kinney WA, McDonnell ME, Zhao P, Abood ME, Ward S J
J Mol Neurosci. 2022 Jul 02.
PMID: 35779192.


KLS-13019, a novel devised cannabinoid-like compound, was explored for anti-inflammatory actions in dorsal root ganglion cultures relevant to chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). Time course studies with 3 µM paclitaxel indicated > 1.9-fold increases in immunoreactive (IR) area for cell body GPR55 after 30 min as determined by high content imaging. To test for reversibility of paclitaxel-induced increases in GPR55, cultures were treated for 8 h with paclitaxel alone and then a dose response to KLS-13019 added for another 16 h. This "reversal" paradigm indicated established increases in cell body GPR55 IR areas were decreased back to control levels. Because GPR55 had previously reported inflammatory actions, IL-1β and NLRP3 (inflammasome-3 marker) were also measured in the "reversal" paradigm. Significant increases in all inflammatory markers were produced after 8 h of paclitaxel treatment alone that were reversed to control levels with KLS-13019 treatment. Accompanying studies using alamar blue indicated that decreased cellular viability produced by paclitaxel treatment was reverted back to control levels by KLS-13019. Similar studies conducted with lysophosphatidylinositol (GPR55 agonist) in DRG or hippocampal cultures demonstrated significant increases in neuritic GPR55, NLRP3 and IL-1β areas that were reversed to control levels with KLS-13019 treatment. Studies with a human GPR55-β-arrestin assay in Discover X cells indicated that KLS-13019 was an antagonist without agonist activity. These studies indicated that KLS-13019 has anti-inflammatory properties mediated through GPR55 antagonist actions. Together with previous studies, KLS-13019 is a potent neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory cannabinoid with therapeutic potential for high efficacy treatment of neuropathic pain.