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Papers: 11 Jun 2022 - 17 Jun 2022


Animal Studies

2022 Jun 12

Sci Rep



Long-lasting reflexive and nonreflexive pain responses in two mouse models of fibromyalgia-like condition.


Álvarez-Pérez B, Deulofeu M, Homs J, Merlos M, Vela J M, Verdú E, Boadas-Vaello P
Sci Rep. 2022 Jun 12; 12(1):9719.
PMID: 35691979.


Nociplastic pain arises from altered nociception despite no clear evidence of tissue or somatosensory system damage, and fibromyalgia syndrome can be highlighted as a prototype of this chronic pain subtype. Currently, there is a lack of effective treatments to alleviate both reflexive and nonreflexive pain responses associated with fibromyalgia condition, and suitable preclinical models are needed to assess new pharmacological strategies. In this context, although in recent years some remarkable animal models have been developed to mimic the main characteristics of human fibromyalgia, most of them show pain responses in the short term. Considering the chronicity of this condition, the present work aimed to develop two mouse models showing long-lasting reflexive and nonreflexive pain responses after several reserpine (RIM) or intramuscular acid saline solution (ASI) injections. To our knowledge, this is the first study showing that RIM6 and ASI mouse models show reflexive and nonreflexive responses up to 5-6 weeks, accompanied by either astro- or microgliosis in the spinal cord as pivotal physiopathology processes related to such condition development. In addition, acute treatment with pregabalin resulted in reflexive pain response alleviation in both the RIM6 and ASI models. Consequently, both may be considered suitable experimental models of fibromyalgia-like condition, especially RIM6.