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Papers: 4 Jun 2022 - 10 Jun 2022

2022 Jun 01

Curr Opin Neurol



Cycling multisensory changes in migraine: more than a headache.


Peng K-P, May A, Basedau H
Curr Opin Neurol. 2022 Jun 01; 35(3):367-372.
PMID: 35674081.


Research on migraine usually focuses on the headache; however, accumulating evidence suggests that migraine not only changes the somatosensory system for nociception (pain), but also the other modalities of perception, such as visual, auditory or tactile sense. More importantly, the multisensory changes exist beyond the headache (ictal) phase of migraine and show cyclic changes, suggesting a central generator driving the multiple sensory changes across different migraine phases. This review summarizes the latest studies that explored the cyclic sensory changes of migraine.