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Front Pharmacol


Case Report: Developmental Delay and Acute Neuropsychiatric Episodes Associated With a Mutation in the Gene (c.328G>A p.Glu110Lys).


Dwyer BK, Veenma DCM, Chang K, Schulman H, Van Woerden GM
Front Pharmacol. 2022; 13:794008.
PMID: 35620293.


Mutations in the genes encoding calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase II (CAMK2) isoforms cause a newly recognized neurodevelopmental disorder (ND), for which the full clinical spectrum has yet to be described. Here we report the detailed description of a child with a gain of function (GoF) mutation in the gene Ca/Calmodulin dependent protein kinase 2 beta ( c.328G > A p.Glu110Lys) who presents with developmental delay and periodic neuropsychiatric episodes. The episodes manifest as encephalopathy with behavioral changes, headache, loss of language and loss of complex motor coordination. Additionally, we provide an overview of the effect of different medications used to try to alleviate the symptoms. We show that medications effective for mitigating the child's neuropsychiatric symptoms may have done so by decreasing CAMK2 activity and associated calcium signaling; whereas medications that appeared to worsen the symptoms may have done so by increasing CAMK2 activity and associated calcium signaling. We hypothesize that by classifying CAMK2 mutations as "gain of function" or "loss of function" based on CAMK2 catalytic activity, we may be able to guide personalized empiric treatment regimens tailored to specific mutations. In the absence of sufficient patients for traditional randomized controlled trials to establish therapeutic efficacy, this approach may provide a rational approach to empiric therapy for physicians treating patients with dysregulated CAMK2 and associated calcium signaling.