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Papers: 21 May 2022 - 27 May 2022

Human Studies

2021 Mar

J Health Monit


Suppl 3

Prevalence of back and neck pain in Germany. Results from the BURDEN 2020 Burden of Disease Study.


von der Lippe E, Krause L, Porst M, Wengler A, Leddin J, Müller A, Zeisler M-L, Anton A, Rommel A
J Health Monit. 2021 Mar; 6(Suppl 3):2-14.
PMID: 35586774.


Back and neck pain are widespread and can significantly reduce quality of life. A cross-sectional telephone survey (N=5,009) was carried out between October 2019 and March 2020 to gain a valid estimate of the prevalence of back and neck pain among adults in Germany. In addition to the frequency and intensity of back and neck pain, the study collected information about quality of life and comorbidity. The findings showed that 61.3% of respondents reported back pain in the last twelve months. Lower back pain was reported about twice as often as upper back pain, with 15.5% of respondents stating that they experienced chronic back pain. 45.7% reported neck pain, and 15.6% of respondents have experienced lower and upper back pain in addition to neck pain in the past year. Women are affected by all types of pain more often than men. About half of the respondents categorise their back or neck pain as moderate; older respondents report significantly more pain episodes per month than younger respondents. The results described here provide a comprehensive picture of the population-related limitations associated with back and neck pain and are used within the framework of the BURDEN 2020 study to quantify key indicators of burden of disease calculation.