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2022 Apr 27

Spinal Cord Ser Cases



Cervical arterial dissection and traumatic myelopathy following yoga: surgical case report.


Nayar G, Desai A, Agarwal N, Alan N, Moossy JJ
Spinal Cord Ser Cases. 2022 Apr 27; 8(1):46.
PMID: 35477695.


Cervical spondylosis can predispose patients to central canal stenosis. In this setting, myelopathy through further flattening of the cord from extrinsic compression can be precipitated by relatively minor traumas. Arterial dissection is similarly considered a result of high velocity or momentum during trauma, commonly associated with fractures, cervical hyperflexion, or direct blunt force to the neck. Overall, precautions for both arterial dissection and myelopathy are rarely considered in low-velocity, static activities such as yoga.