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2022 Mar

J Clin Biochem Nutr



Confirmation of efficacy, elucidation of mechanism, and new search for indications of radon therapy.


Yamaoka K, Kataoka T
J Clin Biochem Nutr. 2022 Mar; 70(2):87-92.
PMID: 35400814.


Indications of radon therapy include various diseases related to respiratory, painful, digestive, chronic degenerative, senile, etc. derived from reactive oxygen species, but most are based on empirical prescriptions. For this reason, we have evaluated the relation between the biological response caused by radon and the tissue/organ absorbed dose more quantitatively, and have promoted the elucidation of mechanisms related to the indication and searching newly. As a result, as a mechanism, a series of moderate physiological stimulative effects accompanying a small amount of oxidative stress by radon inhalation are being elucidated. That is, hyperfunction of anti-oxidation/immune regulation/damage repair, promotion of anti-inflammation/circulating metabolism/hormone secretion, induction of apoptosis/heat shock protein, etc. Also, new indications include inflammatory/neuropathic pain, hepatic/renal injury, colitis, type 1 diabetes, complication kidney injury, hyperuricemia, transient cerebral ischemia, and inflammatory edema. Furthermore, we examined the combined antioxidant effect of radon inhalation and antioxidants or therapeutic agents. As a result, it was clear that any combination treatment could enhance the suppression effect of disease. It can be expected that radon therapy can be used effectively by applying it in addition to usual treatment, since reduction in its dosage can also be expected by concomitant use for drugs with strong side effects.