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Comput Intell Neurosci


A Bioinformatics Study of Immune Infiltration-Associated Genes in Sciatica.


Ma T, Li G, Ma Y, Ren Z, Xie H, Sun C, Tian L, Zhang H, Wang W
Comput Intell Neurosci. 2022; 2022:7372431.
PMID: 35371219.


Sciatica has been widely studied, but the association of sciatica with immune infiltration has not been studied. We aimed to screen key genes and to further investigate the impact of immune infiltration in patients with sciatica. The bioinformatics analyzes were performed based on the GSE150408 dataset. Subsequently, we used CIBERSORT to study the immune infiltration in the disease group. Results showed that 13 genes were with differentially expressions in the sciatica group compared to healthy participants, including 8 up-regulated and 5 down-regulated genes. Through the LASSO model and SVM-RFE analysis, a total of 6 genes have intersections, namely SLED1, CHRNB3, BEGAIN, SPTBN2, HRASLS2, and OSR2. The ROC curve area also confirmed the reliability of this method. CIBERPORT analysis showed that T cell gamma delta infiltration decreased and neutrophil infiltration increased in the disease group. Then the association of these six key genes with immune infiltration was further verified. We found six overlapping genes and found that they were closely associated with the total immune infiltration in the sciatic nerve disease group. These findings may provide new ideas for the diagnosis and therapeutics of patients with sciatica.