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Papers: 2 Apr 2022 - 8 Apr 2022


Methods Cell Biol


Large animal models of thermal injury.


Aijaz A, Vinaik R, Jeschke MG
Methods Cell Biol. 2022; 168:191-219.
PMID: 35366983.


Burn injury results in a triad of inter-related adaptive responses: a systemic inflammatory response, a stress response, and a consequent hypermetabolic state which supports the former two. These pathological responses extend beyond the site of injury to affect distant organs and influence long-term outcomes in the patient. Animal models have proven valuable in advancing our understanding of mechanisms underlying the multifactorial manifestations of burn injury. While rodent models have been unprecedented in providing insights into signaling pathways, metabolic responses, protein turnover, cellular and molecular changes; small animal models do not replicate hypermetabolism, hyperinflammation, and wound healing after a burn injury as seen in humans. Herein, we provide a concise review of preferred large animal models utilized to understand burn pathophysiology based on organ systems and associated dysfunction. Additionally, we present a detailed protocol of contact burn injury in the Yorkshire pig model with a focus on preoperative care, anesthesia, analgesia, wound excision and grafting, dressing application, and frequency of dressing changes.