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Papers: 2 Apr 2022 - 8 Apr 2022


Methods Cell Biol


Methods and protocols for translatable rodent models of postsurgical pain.


Morgan JW, Pennypacker SD, Romero-Sandoval AE, Fonseca MM
Methods Cell Biol. 2022; 168:249-276.
PMID: 35366986.


Due to the large volume of surgeries and the subsequent incidence of postsurgical pain, it is vital that the underlying mechanisms of postsurgical pain are thoroughly understood. The intensity of acute postsurgical pain is typically dependent on the severity of tissue damage the surgery produces, and the development of chronic pain is more frequent in major surgeries than in minor ones. It is therefore important that postsurgical pain studies are conducted with the differences between major and minor surgeries in mind. To this end, the paw incision and skin muscle incision and retraction models are the focus of this chapter as they feature aspects observed in minor and major surgeries in humans, respectively. Several elements of these models translate to humans with some limitations, as they allow for the measurement of reflexive, spontaneous, and functional pain-like behavior. For these attributes, the SMIR and paw incision surgeries are widely used in postsurgical pain research. Here we layout detailed protocols to instruct experienced as well as inexperienced researchers studying postsurgical pain in rats and mice.