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Papers: 26 Mar 2022 - 1 Apr 2022

2022 Mar 30

Mol Pain

Whole-brain mapping of efferent projections of the anterior cingulate cortex in adult male mice.


Shi W, Xue M, Wu F, Fan K, Chen Q-Y, Xu F, Li X, Bi G, Lu J, Zhuo M
Mol Pain. 2022 Mar 30:17448069221094529.
PMID: 35354345.


The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is a key cortical region that plays an important role in pain perception and emotional functions. Previous studies of the ACC projections have been collected primarily from monkeys, rabbits and rats. Due to technological advances, such as gene manipulation, recent progress has been made in our understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the ACC-related chronic pain and emotion is mainly obtained from adult mice. Few anatomic studies have examined the whole-brain projections of the ACC in adult mice. In the present study, we examined the continuous axonal outputs of the ACC in the whole brain of adult male mice. We used the virus anterograde tracing technique and an ultrahigh-speed imaging method of Volumetric Imaging with Synchronized on-the-fly-scan and Readout (VISoR). We created a three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of mouse brains. We found that the ACC projected ipsilaterally primarily to the caudate putamen (CPu), ventral thalamic nucleus, zona incerta (ZI), periaqueductal gray (PAG), superior colliculus (SC), interpolar spinal trigeminal nucleus (Sp5I), and dorsal medullary reticular nucleus (MdD). The ACC also projected to contralateral brain regions, including the ACC, reuniens thalamic nucleus (Re), PAG, Sp5I, and MdD. Our results provide a whole-brain mapping of efferent projections from the ACC in adult male mice, and these findings are critical for future studies of the molecular and synaptic mechanisms of the ACC and its related network in mouse models of brain diseases.