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Papers: 26 Mar 2022 - 1 Apr 2022


Animal Studies, Pharmacology/Drug Development

2022 Mar 25


Editor's Pick

Human and mouse trigeminal ganglia cell atlas implicates multiple cell types in migraine.


Yang L, Xu M, Bhuiyan SA, Li J, Zhao J, Cohrs RJ, Susterich JT, Signorelli S, Green U, Stone JR, Levy D, Lennerz JK, Renthal W
Neuron. 2022 Mar 25.
PMID: 35349784.


Sensitization of trigeminal ganglion neurons contributes to primary headache disorders such as migraine, but the specific neuronal and non-neuronal trigeminal subtypes that are involved remain unclear. We thus developed a cell atlas in which human and mouse trigeminal ganglia are transcriptionally and epigenomically profiled at single-cell resolution. These data describe evolutionarily conserved and human-specific gene expression patterns within each trigeminal ganglion cell type, as well as the transcription factors and gene regulatory elements that contribute to cell-type-specific gene expression. We then leveraged these data to identify trigeminal ganglion cell types that are implicated both by human genetic variation associated with migraine and two mouse models of headache. This trigeminal ganglion cell atlas improves our understanding of the cell types, genes, and epigenomic features involved in headache pathophysiology and establishes a rich resource of cell-type-specific molecular features to guide the development of more selective treatments for headache and facial pain.