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2022 Mar 03

Vaccines (Basel)



Effect of Heterologous Vaccination Regimen with Ad5-nCoV CanSinoBio and BNT162b2 Pfizer in SARS-CoV-2 IgG Antibodies Titers.


Romero-Ibarguengoitia M E, Rivera-Salinas D, Hernández-Ruíz Y G, Armendariz-Vázquez A G, González-Cantú A, Barco-Flores I A, González-Facio R, Montelongo-Cruz L P, Del Rio-Parra G F, Sanz-Sánchez M Á
Vaccines (Basel). 2022 Mar 03; 10(3).
PMID: 35335024.


The efficacy of one dose Ad5-nCoV has been concerning. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of a single dose BNT162b2 in individuals after a completed Ad5-nCoV vaccination regiment compared to a group without this boost measuring SARS-CoV-2 Spike 1-2 IgG antibodies in plasma. This observational study included a subgroup analysis of patients who were immunized with Ad5-nCoV in a northern city of Mexico. During follow-up, some patients self-reported having received a BNT162b2 booster. We report baseline IgG levels, 21-28 days after the Ad5-nCoV dose, three months, and an additional 21-28 days after BNT162b2 (four months after Ad5-nCoV). Seventeen patients, age 40 (16), 52.9% men, were analyzed. We created four groups: G1 and G2 refer to patients without a history of SARS-CoV-2 infection, vaccinated with Ad5-nCoV and Ad5-nCoV/BNT162b2 ( = 4 and = 6), respectively; G3 and G4 included patients with a history of SARS-CoV-2 infection and immunized with Ad5-nCoV and Ad5-nCoV/BNT162b2 ( = 5 and = 2), respectively. The Ad5-nCoV/BNT162b2 protocol reported higher antibody titers after 21-28 days. Median (IQR) values were: G1 46.7 (-), G2 1077.5 (1901), G3 1158.5 (2673.5), and G4 2090 (-) ( < 0.05). Headache and pain at injection site were the most frequent adverse reactions associated with Ad5-nCoV ( = 10, 83%) and BNT162b2 ( = 5, 83.3%), respectively. Patients receiving BNT162b2 after Ad5-nCoV had higher SARS-CoV-2 spike 1-2 IgG antibody titers and had no severe adverse reactions.