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2022 Feb 24




Circular RNA ITCH: An Emerging Multifunctional Regulator.


Su K, Yi Q, Dai X, Liu O
Biomolecules. 2022 Feb 24; 12(3).
PMID: 35327551.


In the last decade, numerous circRNAs were discovered by virtue of the RNA-Seq technique. With the deepening of experimental research, circRNAs have brought to light the key biological functions and progression of human diseases. CircRNA ITCH has been demonstrated to be a tumor suppressor in numerous cancers, and recently it was found to play an important role in bone diseases, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases. However, the functions of circ-ITCH have not been completely understood. In this review, we comprehensively provide a conceptual framework to elucidate circ-ITCH biological functions of cell proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation, and the pathological mechanisms of inflammation, drug resistance/toxicity, and tumorigenesis. Finally, we summarize its clinical applications in various diseases. This research aimed at clarifying the role of circ-ITCH, which could be a promising therapeutic target.