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Papers: 12 Mar 2022 - 18 Mar 2022


2022 Mar 14


[Chronic pain as an existential challenge].


Kieselbach K, Koesling D, Wabel T, Frede U, Bozzaro C
Schmerz. 2022 Mar 14.
PMID: 35286464.


There is currently an emphasis on the biopsychosocial concept of pain in pain therapy programs. However, the complexity of chronic pain, in particular its importance for those affected by it, can only be insufficiently captured with this concept. This is due to the fact that, to date, one core aspect of the phenomenon chronic pain has only rarely been taken into account: its existential character. Chronic pain can threaten the self-image and the individual's understanding of the world, their wishes and goals in life, and ultimately the entire integrity of those affected. Statements by chronic pain sufferers show that such pain always represents an existential experience and affects the person as a whole. Two aspects make this very clear: the existential despair of the pain on the one hand, as well as questions of meaning and reorientation on the other. Current treatment concepts, however, do not adequately consider the existential character of such challenges. Chronic pain should therefore always be perceived and treated from a holistic perspective. In this context, the aspects of recognizing its uniqueness, helping to express the pain and giving space to the experience are to be given special consideration in order to support chronic pain patients in dealing with their pain.