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Instr Course Lect


Chronic Achilles Tendon Ruptures: From Bracing Treatment to Complex Reconstruction.


Farber DC, Ellis SJ, Adams SB, Veljkovic A, Cardoso D V, Rider C, Danilkowicz R
Instr Course Lect. 2022; 71:453-472.
PMID: 35254801.


The optimal management of chronic Achilles tendon injuries continues to be debated. The tension-length relationship and intrinsic viscoelasticity of the native tendon that allows efficient propulsion during ambulation are difficult to restore once the tendon has been injured. Missed or misdiagnosed injuries or failure of surgical or nonsurgical management of acute Achilles tendon ruptures can lead to the tendon healing in an elongated position or lack of healing altogether. This condition results in persistent weakness, pain, and functional debilitation for the patient. Understanding the tendon and muscle properties will inform the choice of treatment. Nonsurgical treatment options are primarily bracing treatment and physical therapy. Surgical treatment options involve direct repair, reconstruction with local tissue, allograft or autograft, and tendon transfer. Various options and techniques for reconstruction are described to assist in optimizing management of this challenging clinical problem.