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Papers: 26 Feb 2022 - 4 Mar 2022

Pharmacology/Drug Development

2022 Feb 25

Eur J Pharmacol

Sex-dependent antiallodynic effect of α adrenergic receptor agonist tizanidine in rats with experimental neuropathic pain.


Rodríguez-Palma E J, Castelo-Flores D G, Caram-Salas N L, Belen Salinas-Abarca A, Centurión D, De la Luz-Cuellar Y E, Granados-Soto V
Eur J Pharmacol. 2022 Feb 25:174855.
PMID: 35227682.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the mechanism of antiallodynic effect of tizanidine in neuropathic rats. Spinal nerve ligation reduced withdrawal threshold which was interpreted as tactile allodynia. Increasing doses of tizanidine induced a dose-dependent antiallodynic effect in nerve injured rats. Tizanidine was more effective in female than male neuropathic rats. This drug induced a lower antiallodynic effect in ovariectomized, compared with non-ovariectomized, neuropathic rats, while systemic reconstitution of estradiol (E2) levels in ovariectomized neuropathic females fully restored the antiallodynic effect of tizanidine. Naloxone reduced the antiallodynic effect of tizanidine in male but not in female neuropathic rats. Ovariectomy restored the antagonizing effect of naloxone in the antiallodynic effect of tizanidine, whereas treatment with E2 abolished the effect of naloxone on tizanidine activity. Rauwolscine (α antagonist) and imiloxan (α antagonist) completely abated tizanidine-induced antiallodynic effect in female neuropathic rats. In contrast, BRL-44408 (α antagonist) partially decreased the effect of tizanidine while JP-1302 (α antagonist) was ineffective. Rauwolscine, imiloxan and BRL-44408 decreased withdrawal threshold in naïve female rats. Rauwolscine did not modify withdrawal threshold in naïve male rats. AGN192403 (I antagonist), BU224 (I antagonist), prazosin (α antagonist) and methiothepin (5-HT antagonist) did not modify tizanidine-induced antiallodynia in neuropathic females and males. These data indicate that tizanidine exhibits a sex-dependent antiallodynic effect in neuropathy. Data also suggest that activation of adrenergic α and α and opioid receptors participate in the antiallodynic effect of tizanidine in female and male, respectively, neuropathic rats.