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Papers: 19 Feb 2022 - 25 Feb 2022

Pharmacology/Drug Development


Front Immunol


Pain and Cellular Migration Induced by Venom in Mice Selected for an Acute Inflammatory Response: Involvement of Mast Cells.


Kondo FV, Cabrera WHK, Ribeiro OG, De Franco M, Jensen J R, Picolo G, Sant'Anna MB, Spadafora-Ferreira M, Borrego A, Ibañez OM, Starobinas N
Front Immunol. 2021; 12:779473.
PMID: 35185861.


venom (BjV) can induce mast cell degranulation. In order to investigate the role of mast cells and the interference of the host genetic background in the inflammation induced by BjV, we have used mouse strains selected for maximal (AIRmax) or minimal (AIRmin) acute inflammatory response (AIR). Mice were pretreated with an inhibitor of mast cell degranulation, cromolyn (CROM), and injected in footpads or intraperitoneally (i.p.) with BjV. Pain was measured with von Frey hairs, cell migration in the peritoneum by flow cytometry, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production by chemiluminescence assays. The nociceptive response to BjV was higher in AIRmax than AIRmin mice; however, this difference was abolished by pretreatment with CROM. BjV induced peritoneal neutrophil (CD11b GR-1) infiltration and ROS secretion in AIRmax mice only, which were partially inhibited by CROM. Our findings evidence a role for mast cells in pain, neutrophil migration, and ROS production triggered by BjV in AIRmax mice that are more susceptible to the action of BjV.