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2022 Jan 27

Pharm Dev Technol

Medicinal Cannabis Pharmacokinetics and Potential Methods of Delivery.


Kebede L, Masoomi Dezfooli S, Seyfoddin A
Pharm Dev Technol. 2022 Jan 27:1-49.
PMID: 35084279.


The evidence of cannabis exhibiting polypharmacological properties has been accumulating for the past few decades, particularly for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory abilities. However, inconsistent dosage forms and erratic absorption levels prevent medicinal cannabis products from becoming mainstream recommendations for pain management. Current cannabis products fail to address the undesirable characteristics associated with cannabinoids such as low solubility, poor bioavailability, and lack of specificity, all of which contribute to low therapeutic effect. In this narrative view, the pharmacokinetics of cannabis products and possible methods of drug delivery, in the form of carrier systems, will be explored. The incorporation of cannabinoids into carrier systems provides an opportunity to improve absorption levels, increase bioavailability and reduce adverse events allowing for a greater therapeutic effect.