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Papers: 22 Jan 2022 - 28 Jan 2022


Prog Brain Res



Trigeminal neuralgia and other cranial pain syndromes.


Ganz JC
Prog Brain Res. 2022; 268(1):347-378.
PMID: 35074090.


Spontaneous Trigeminal Neuralgia is a painful condition of the face which may require interventional treatment if medicines fail to control the pain. These include microvascular decompression (MVD) and GKNS. The former is moderately more effective but GKNS has become accepted both as an alternative to MVD or as an adjunct. Like all treatments of the condition, it is successful in a majority of patients but by no means all. Repeat treatments are possible. When Trigeminal Neuralgia is secondary to other conditions the response to GKNS is different. With AVMs, Dural Arteriovenous Fistulae and Epidermoids, the dose to treat the visible lesion usually cures the neuralgia. With meningiomas it is necessary to treat the neuralgia as a separate entity with a neuralgia dose focused on the nerve. GKNS does not improve the rare neuralgia associated with Vestibular Schwannomas. It works with Multiple Sclerosis but not as well as with the spontaneous illness. There is some evidence that GKNS can be useful with the rare Glossopharyngeal and Sphenopalatine Neuralgias.