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2022 Jan 12

BMC Med Genomics



Evaluating the association of TRPA1 gene polymorphisms with pain sensitivity: a protocol for an adaptive recall by genotype study.


Nickerson AP, Corbin LJ, Timpson NJ, Phillips K, Pickering AE, Dunham JP
BMC Med Genomics. 2022 Jan 12; 15(1):9.
PMID: 35022050.


Pain is a complex polygenic trait whose common genetic underpinnings are relatively ill-defined due in part to challenges in measuring pain as a phenotype. Pain sensitivity can be quantified, but this is difficult to perform at the scale required for genome wide association studies (GWAS). Existing GWAS of pain have identified surprisingly few loci involved in nociceptor function which contrasts strongly with rare monogenic pain states. This suggests a lack of resolution with current techniques. We propose an adaptive methodology within a recall-by-genotype (RbG) framework using detailed phenotyping to screen minor alleles in a candidate 'nociceptor' gene in an attempt to estimate their genetic contribution to pain.