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2021 Dec

Arthrosc Tech



Arthroscopic Bone Graft for Intraosseous Lunate Bone Ganglion.


Prénaud C, Querel D, Mathoulin C, Merlini L
Arthrosc Tech. 2021 Dec; 10(12):e2645-e2649.
PMID: 35004144.


Intraosseous lunate bone ganglia (ILBG) are known to be a cause of chronic wrist pain and disability. Standard treatment consists of curettage and autologous bone grafting. Open procedures have shown good results with few recurrences, but with frequent stiffness or persistent pain. Arthroscopic techniques are more recent and seem very reliable. Several arthroscopic techniques have been reported for ILBG approach and treatment. The present study describes an approach that preserves all the lunate cartilage of both radiocarpal and midcarpal surfaces. The surgical technique allows easy and direct access to the bone ganglia, passing through the intermediate portion of the scapholunate ligament, with the scope in the 1-to-2 portal and instrumentation through the 3-to-4 portal. The rest of the procedure is straightforward: curettage and bone grafting are performed through this specific approach, similarly to other techniques. This an easy and accurate approach that avoids any damage to the major cartilage surfaces of the lunate, with easy and reliable access to the intraosseous lunate bone ganglion, allowing cyst curettage and autologous bone graft in a proper and noninvasive way.