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Papers: 25 Dec 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Animal Studies

2021 Dec 30

J Physiol

Insulin potentiates the response to capsaicin in dorsal root ganglion neurons in vitro and muscle afferents ex vivo in normal healthy rodents.


Hori A, Norio H, Fukazawa A, Estrada JA, Katanosaka K, Mizumura K, Sato J, Ishizawa R, Kim H-K, Iwamoto GA, Vongpatanasin W, Mitchell JH, Smith SA, Mizuno M
J Physiol. 2021 Dec 30.
PMID: 34967443.


Evidence suggests insulin centrally activates the sympathetic nervous system, and a chemical stimulus to tissues activates the sympathetic nervous system via thin fibre muscle afferents. Insulin is reported to modulate putative chemical sensitive channels in the dorsal root ganglion neurons of these afferents. In the present study, we demonstrate that insulin potentiates the responsiveness of thin fibre afferents to capsaicin at muscle tissue levels as well as at the level of dorsal root ganglion neurons. In addition, we demonstrate that insulin augments the sympathetic nerve activity response to capsaicin in vivo. These data suggests that sympathoexcitation is peripherally mediated via insulin-induced chemical sensitization. The present study proposes a possible physiological role of insulin in the regulation of chemical sensitivity in somatosensory thin fibre muscle afferents.