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2021 Nov 29

Membranes (Basel)



Fundamentals of Membrane Lipid Replacement: A Natural Medicine Approach to Repairing Cellular Membranes and Reducing Fatigue, Pain, and Other Symptoms While Restoring Function in Chronic Illnesses and Aging.


Membrane Lipid Replacement (MLR) uses natural membrane lipid supplements to safely replace damaged, oxidized lipids in membranes in order to restore membrane function, decrease symptoms and improve health. Oral MLR supplements contain mixtures of cell membrane glycerolphospholipids, fatty acids, and other lipids, and can be used to replace and remove damaged cellular and intracellular membrane lipids. Membrane injury, caused mainly by oxidative damage, occurs in essentially all chronic and acute medical conditions, including cancer and degenerative diseases, and in normal processes, such as aging and development. After ingestion, the protected MLR glycerolphospholipids and other lipids are dispersed, absorbed, and internalized in the small intestines, where they can be partitioned into circulating lipoproteins, globules, liposomes, micelles, membranes, and other carriers and transported in the lymphatics and blood circulation to tissues and cellular sites where they are taken in by cells and partitioned into various cellular membranes. Once inside cells, the glycerolphospholipids and other lipids are transferred to various intracellular membranes by lipid carriers, globules, liposomes, chylomicrons, or by direct membrane-membrane interactions. The entire process appears to be driven by 'bulk flow' or mass action principles, where surplus concentrations of replacement lipids can stimulate the natural exchange and removal of damaged membrane lipids while the replacement lipids undergo further enzymatic alterations. Clinical studies have demonstrated the advantages of MLR in restoring membrane and organelle function and reducing fatigue, pain, and other symptoms in chronic illness and aging patients.