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2021 Jul 29

J Med Case Rep



Plurihormonal pituitary macroadenoma:  a case report.


Allehaibi E, Almalki MH, Brema I
J Med Case Rep. 2021 Jul 29; 15(1):407.
PMID: 34321093.


Plurihormonal pituitary adenomas are a unique type of pituitary adenomas that secrete two or more pituitary hormones normally associated with separate cell types that have different immunocytochemical and ultrastructural features. Although they represent 10-15% of all pituitary tumors, only a small fraction of plurihormonal pituitary adenomas clinically secrete multiple hormones. The most common hormone combinations secreted by plurihormonal pituitary adenomas are growth hormone, prolactin, and one or more glycoprotein hormones. The most common hormonal symptom is acromegaly (50%). The aim of this case report is to bring awareness about this rare type of pituitary adenomas and to describe the unique presentation of our patient, even though plurihormonal pituitary adenomas are known mostly as a clinically silent tumors.