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J Cell Signal



Effects of a CB Subtype Selective Agonist ABK5-1 on Cytokine Production in Microglia.


Tang Y, Wolk B, Kendall DA
J Cell Signal. 2021; 2(2):85-93.
PMID: 34263256.


Neuroinflammation is closely associated with various diseases including neuropathic pain. Microglia are immune cells in the central nervous system which are the main players of immunity and inflammation. Since microglia are activated by nerve injury, and they produce proinflammatory mediators to cause neuropathic pain, targeting activated microglia is considered to be a strategy for treating neuropathic pain. Activation of the cannabinoid CB receptor is known to have anti-inflammatory effects in microglia. ABK5-1 is a CB subtype selective agonist which inhibits IL-1β and IL-6 production in the microglia cell line BV-2. The purpose of the current study is to further analyze anti-inflammatory effects of ABK5 in terms of different cytokines and the possible pathway involved in the effect in the BV-2 cell line.