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2021 Jun 21

Vision (Basel)



No Evidence of Reduced Contrast Sensitivity in Migraine-with-Aura for Large, Narrowband, Centrally Presented Noise-Masked Stimuli.


Individuals with migraine aura show differences in visual perception compared to control groups. Measures of contrast sensitivity have suggested that people with migraine aura are less able to exclude external visual noise, and that this relates to higher variability in neural processing. The current study compared contrast sensitivity in migraine with aura and control groups for narrow-band grating stimuli at 2 and 8 cycles/degree, masked by Gaussian white noise. We predicted that contrast sensitivity would be lower in the migraine with aura group at high noise levels. Contrast sensitivity was higher for the low spatial frequency stimuli, and decreased with the strength of the masking noise. We did not, however, find any evidence of reduced contrast sensitivity associated with migraine with aura. We propose alternative methods as a more targeted assessment of the role of neural noise and excitability as contributing factors to migraine aura.