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2021 Jun 30




Studying the Complex Formation of Sulfonatocalix[4]naphthalene and Meloxicam towards Enhancing Its Solubility and Dissolution Performance.


Al Hujran TA, Magharbeh MK, Al-Gharabli S, Haddadin RR, Al Soub MN, Tawfeek HM
Pharmaceutics. 2021 Jun 30; 13(7).
PMID: 34209201.


The interaction between meloxicam and sulfonatocalix [4] naphthalene was investigated to improve the meloxicam solubility and its dissolution performance. Solubility behavior was investigated in distilled water (DW) and at different pH conditions. Besides, solid systems were prepared in a 1:1 molar ratio using coevaporate, kneading, and simple physical mixture techniques. Further, they were characterized by PXRD, FT-IR, DCS, and TGA. In vitro dissolution rate for coevaporate, kneaded, and physical mixture powders were also investigated. Solubility study revealed that meloxicam solubility significantly increased about 23.99 folds at phosphate buffer of pH 7.4 in the presence of sulfonatocalix [4] naphthalene. The solubility phase diagram was classified as A type, indicating the formation of 1:1 stoichiometric inclusion complex. PXRD, FT-IR, DCS, and TGA pointed out the formation of an inclusion complex between meloxicam and sulfonatocalix [4] naphthalene solid powders prepared using coevaporate technique. In addition, in vitro meloxicam dissolution studies revealed an improvement of the drug dissolution rate. Furthermore, a significantly higher drug release ( ≤ 0.05) and a complete dissolution was achieved during the first 10 min compared with the other solid powders and commercial meloxicam product. The coevaporate product has the highest increasing dissolution fold and RDR in the investigated media, with average values ranging from 5.4-65.28 folds and 7.3-90.7, respectively. In conclusion, sulfonatocalix [4] naphthalene is a promising host carrier for enhancing the solubility and dissolution performance of meloxicam with an anticipated enhanced bioavailability and fast action for acute and chronic pain disorders.